From Idea incubation to Pre-commercialization

Somewhere between vision, strategy and innovation there is a gap between aims and reality. We do not always know what we know. We cannot always know what others do not know. These are enormous organizational issues, even for small and midsize organizations. As a result, what some call innovation might, in hindsight, be trivial, and what seems like a side project could be a goldmine. The true value of idea incubation is not in finding ideas but in systematically discarding bad ones, prioritizing and in having a method to successfully bring new concepts through the organization or from idea to startup.

Tautec Consulting conducts an innovisioning process where all activities, concepts, and strategies are re-conceived with the following in mind: how can what we have become what we need to succeed. Once that process is completed, we will help determine what external resources need to be brought in, if any.

Tautec has identified a particular niche: 35+ entrepreneurs who want to commercialize an idea but might not feel they have all the tools available to do so. Tautec will partner with you, develop the idea together, take joint risk (including a small financial investment), and participate in the pre-commercialization stage, and potentially beyond. The typical time frame for such an engagement is:

– Idea scoping (Phase I): A few weeks.

– Idea testing (Phase II):  1 month.

– Idea pre-commercialization: 1-3 months.