Our approach

Tautec Consulting’s unique approach is not to deliver strategy to you but to uncover your own latent strategy in the making. We build on your previous actions, draw on your distinct company culture, and help distribute execution across the organization. Tautec Consulting’s distinctive mix of coaching, action lab, and strategy consulting transforms executives, knowledge workers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Tautec Consulting’s expertise in strategic integration, innovation, commercialization, regulatory policy, and collaboration techniques, is implemented following our Strategy From Below Transformation Process© which builds on hundreds of interviews with managers and knowledge workers and is supported by a data driven analytic tool kit. Because it amplifies existing company initiatives, Tautec Consulting’s  innovation process yields immediate results.

Our experience in international strategic management draws on our unique interpretation of the 30+ strategy frameworks taught at business schools around the world. We also have access to legal, financial, and communications experience. However, what is truly distinctive about Tautec Consulting is the action lab approach—where your team is part of the strategic change process.

  • When you engage Tautec Consulting, the first thing that happens is a diagnostic, a series of conversations about where you have been, what your status is, and where you/your organization are going.
  • Secondly, we facilitate a quick analytic phase where we jointly develop a picture of what is going on based on existing projects and tangible data from your company, from the market, and from the regulatory/policy domain. We call this intervention, because this requires your employees’ attention and relies on group work.
  • Thirdly, we confront you with a set of recommendations which are stratified in terms of their impact, ease and cost of implementation. Finally, we ensure change is embedded in your firm by amplifying existing efforts to put it all into action. We then follow-up and debrief so that the learning cycle can be managed in-house.